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Perfecting the digital you

Skorebee helps you explore and improve your social media image based on how you want to use social media.
Skorebee App
Skorebee App
Skorebee 2.0 will be soon available in the Play Store, App Store and as a web app.

Play Skorebee to see your social media power. Compete with friends to see who is the social guru.

Skorebee gives you a leaderboard to see where you rank amongst your friends, peers and other social media users. You can boost your power ranking through competing with them.
At the same time you can fine tune your social media image to make sure your online profile is working for you day and night, or alternatively that you are sharing only the information you want to.
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The best learning processes are bound to positive emotions.

Skorebee offers a brilliant tool to objectively measure the quality of your social media image and also assist your online and offline personal growth.
That is why Skorebee promotes learning through playing and uses gamification to provide an engaging user experience.

Skorebee offers:

Measurement of one’s social media power.

Social media

Challenge your friends and learn about your online portrait.

Positive comparisons

An objective way to compare and explore your social media image.
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