Skorebee is a fun way to self-discover & improve your social media status. Find out;

  • more about how you use social media
  • if your profile is authentic according to your preferred social media persona
  • see how you rank with social media power users

When you use Skorebee, you can link your social media account with us to take a deep dive into how your actions effect your online popularity & presence. You can check:

Social Media Score
Your activity – Assessed & ranked by our unique algorithms

  • Creates a total score for a quick overview
  • Gives further detail through split into Activity, Audience, Presence & Influence
  • Allows ranking amongst friends, location & all other Skorebee users

Your Persona
Your social media persona – does it match your activity?

  • Take self-discovery tests to find out how your perception matches reality
  • Improve your persona or…
  • Simply find one that suits you more

Instant or dynamic gamification to improve your score & persona

  • Invite friends and challenge them immediately
  • Create longer challenges based on social media action
  • Improve your persona & score whilst playing

Whilst Skorebee appears simple & fun, all your interactions are calculated by our unique algorithms – so you can be sure that we give an accurate snapshot of your rank in the social media world.